Beans Cultivation Using Organic Fertilizers And Pesticides At Home Kitchen Garden

Tips and Tricks for Growing Green beans using Organic Method

Growing Green Beans at Home Terrace Garden
Growing Green Beans at Home Terrace Garden

Beans is a tasty veggie that contains high amount of proteins and this post discussing the farming methods. we are getting highly poisoned veggies, people now thinking about organic farming methods. In this article i am trying to write about my own experience of beans cultivation. winter season better for growing the same and i have tried it in the last season. i have partially succeeded last year and this time i have taken some precautions. we have already posted about the same in Malayalam language in our main site

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I have purchased the beans seeds from a nearby shop, you can also get it from online. Seeds are using to plant beans, i got 15 numbers of seeds in a packet. I took off the plant could with 5-6 units. I have used They Grow bags and empty plastic jars for the same. I have added a handful of neem cake in the soil. Neem cake will protect attacks from the soil. Re-planted seedlings transplanted theorem. Before planting, the Pseudomonas roots dipped in the solution for half an hour. After the seedlings are planted , morning and evening, and a hosepipe .

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Caring and Fertilizers

Each week i have applied the Pseudomonas solution to the beans plants. A handful of neem cake set for two days in 1 liter of water and pour it dilutes their guilt. Within 1 month i got the results. Fertilizers used in two times to fish amino acid sprayed gave, and gave, except at the base of the plants. Stir with groundnut cake, take a handful and put it in the water for 2 days, and except for the diluted. The protein is a rich beans, grow well in the winter weather. And other winter vegetables like cabbage , Cauliflower , we will see more and Agriculture Several beans.

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