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Wick Irrigation System at Zero Cost – watering system for terrace garden


zero cost wick irrigation watering system for terrace garden

This post is another diy experiment, zero cost wick watering system that saves our time. it’s a simple idea , we have already discussed about drip irrigation using empty water bottles. this is an enhanced version of the same with more efficiency , i have tested this and got positive results. parts are empty cola bottles, i just avoided mineral water bottles because it didn’t have enough thickness.

Save water at terrace garden

idea is make a small hole on the bottle and insert a cotton cloth piece int it. attach the same at grow bags or container, plants will get water through the cloth part. after 4-5 days you can see that more roots appeared on the place, we have placed cloth at wick irrigation watering system. cut the top portion of cola bottle, make a small hole at bottom side. cutting the top portion is mandatory, otherwise it will difficult to fill water and attack wick unit. after making the hole, insert the cloth piece in it and tied it’s inner part.



our small wick irrigation watering system unit is ready now. before attaching the same into container, test whether it have any leakage. mulching containers using dried leaves and other organic materials is an effective method to prevent water vaporization. it will prevent direct sunlight into soil, ensure the presence of water and help growth of micro organism. try this and please post your result as comment. thanks for watching, subscribe if you like the video. see you later.

Wick Irrigation System at Zero Cost
Wick Irrigation System at Zero Cost

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