egg amino acid benefits – preparation method and usage details


what are the ingredients of egg amino acid and how can we make it

we can check the advantages of egg amino acid and it’s preparations. it’s made in two stages, it’s good for flowering and better yield. egg, lemon, jaggery are the ingredients. you have seen many articles about preparing egg amino acid, we are making low quality. it’s enough for small gardens, only 1 egg is using in this videos. please check video description for the ingredients list and quantity. we have already discussed about making ffa aka fish amino acid here.


  • 1, egg – it’s should be fresh
  • 2, lemon juice of 4/5 no.s
  • 3, Solid Jaggery – 30-50 grams
  • 4, plastic jar
egg amino acid benefits
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place egg in the plastic jar carefully, pour lemon juice in it, eggs should completely immersed in the juice. close the lid and keep it for 10-15 days under shade. after 10-15 days open the jar smash the egg, our first stage is completed now. then add equal quantity of jaggery to the solution close lid again for 10-15 days.

we need 20-30 days for complete the procedure. Open the lid and filter it and keep in a plastic jar. you can apply 2 to 3ml of egg amino solution with 1 liter water on vegetable plants. This is a great nutrient for the plants, boost plant growth. we will continue the video with final output, stay tuned for more updates.

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