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Organic Fertilizers

How To Make and Use Organic Fertilizers

organic fertilizers used in terrace farming

list of all organic fertilizers used in terrace farming we have already discussed that organic fertilizers are good for home kitchen garden. we have also listed the advantage of organic against chemical fertilizers. Ash, Blood meal,Fish meal, Fish emulsion, Compost, Rock phosphate, Bone meal,…

Fish Amino Acid Fertilizer – How To Make It and Usage

How To Prepare Fish Amino Acid Fertilizer and Use It on Vegetable Plants Fish Amino Acid (FAA) is an effective organic liquid fertilizer. Its making is very easy and we can make it cheaply. Its Made from fish and Solid Jaggery. (click here to purchase Bloom Buddy All Purpose Plant Feed 1Kg from…

Cow Urine as Fertilizer In Organic Farming – Methods of usage

How Can We Use Cow Urine (Gomutra) as Fertilizer and Pesticide In Home Vegetable Garden Usage Of Cow Urine as Organic pesticide In Organic Farming - Ingredients to Make the Same1, Cow Urine - 1 litter 2, Bird's eye chili - 1 handful 3, Bar soap - 50 grams (don't use detergent cakes, use non…