fish amino acid usage – economical organic fertilizer with fish and jaggery

fish amino acid usage in organic farming – how can we use ffa

fish amino acid usage details
fish amino acid usage details

fish amino acid usage and preparation can be check from here, we have already posted about the methods to prepare ffa organic fertilizer. lot of people still asking about usage of fish amino acid. we have clearly posted about the same in our last post. we can use fish amino acid as a grow promoter for plants and vegetables. its made up with fish or fish waste with solid jaggery. in our previous post we have posted the methods to prepare fish amino acid.

Usage of This Low Cost Organic Fertilizer

once you prepared the same it can be apply on vegetables and plants. you can spray ffa on plant leaves or apply to soil. never use directly to plant leaves or soil, you should dilute it with water. you should dilute fish amino acid with water. 1 liter of water need 2-5 ml of fish amino acid, once you prepared ffa filter it remove the waste. you can use a sprayer for applying this organic fertilizer to plants. better to avoid chemical fertilizers and pesticides while using fish amino acid.


fertilizers used in amaranth growing
fertilizers used in amaranth growing

preparation of fish amino acid

you can use small sea fishes for this purpose. or you can use fish waste for making fish amino acid. better to use small sized fish for this purpose. cut fish or fish waste to small pieces, take same amount of solid jaggery. mix fish and solid jaggery well, keep this mix in an air tight jar for 30 days. while preparing fish amino acid don’t add water. keep this jar in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight. you can open the jar after 30 days and filter fish amino acid. hope you got Fish amino acid usage and it’s preparation, if any doubts post here.

Download fish amino acid organic fertilizer making and usage pdf


  1. Bernardo de dios says

    How many times can I apply ffa to my vegetables plants,can I use it everyday?

    1. Anish KS says

      in 14 days intervals

  2. Lazar says

    I have prepared fish amino acid started using , with a doubt that how to use it is cleared

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