Neem Oil Pesticide – Organic Pesticides Making Methods

How Can We Make Neem Oil Pesticide To Control Pests

Neem Oil Pesticide Usage
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neem oil pesticide can be used to control pests and it’s safe and easy to use. we can check making of pesticides using organic neem oil and other ingredients. world is now thinking about how can we avoid harmful chemical pesticides. those are armful to both human and environment. we can easily avoid those chemical elements from our home organic garden. neem oil is a good organic pesticide and we can use to control pests. we can use it alone and mix more ingredients to get more effective results. please be remember that high use of neem oil will affect the plant/vegetable. you need to use a small quantity of neem oil, can check the details from here.

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Aphids, Mealybugs, Scale, Whiteflies etc can be control through neem oil pesticide. we can purchase neem oil based organic pesticides from shops. those can apply to plants, we need to mix the same with water. normally it’s 10ml of neem oil is with 1 litter water. refer the bottle for usage and other details of neem oil. you can check more effective methods of using neem oil as organic pesticide from here.

How to Make Your Own Neem Oil Pesticide

Neem oil – 5-10 ml
Bar Soap (Liquid soap) – 2-5 grams
water – 1 litter

it’s better to use non detergent soap, slice it into small parts. dissolve sliced soap in 1 litter water, you can use a empty mineral water or cola bottle for the same. add neem oil to this soap solution and mix well. apply this neem oil pesticide within 8 hours after making the same. You can wait for more eco friendly organic pesticides and fertilizers at subscribe to us and follow us on facebook, google plus, twitter etc.

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  1. Good Advice, needs better assistance and guidance for terrace top gardening

  2. Hi,
    This is very good. How do I extract neem oil?

    1. You get in shops it’s pretty economical

  3. At how many days interval we can use this pesticide for vegetables?

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