Leaf Curl Decease In Vegetables – How Can We Control It Using Organic Methods

Organic Methods To Control Leaf Curl Decease In Vegetables

Leaf Curl Decease In Vegetables Plants
Common Plant Deceases

Leaf curl decease is very common in vegetables like chilies, tomato, eggplant etc. we can check what is the reason behind this decease and how can we control the same in organic methods. leaf curl in chilies are very common and it’s badly affecting production. Whiteflies (The Cotton White Fly) are behind leaf curling decease.

This fly is very small in size but making serious damage to veggies. whiteflies are small sized (around 1 cm) and sucking juice from vegetables. you can check affected vegetable leaves, they are living lower sides of wilted leaves. whiteflies will also attract small aunts to veggies and that also very danger.

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we can Use yellow sticky traps to control these flies, its the effective method to control whiteflies. yellow traps can be made very easily. to make the same we need to take an empty tin or bottle and paint with yellow color. or cove the bottle or tin with yellow color color paper. apply castor oil in yellow trap, this will attract Whiteflies and destroy the same.

this method is very effective and economical, no need of harmful chemical materials. we can also use neem oil , garlic , soap mixture to control this flies. take 10 ml neem oil, 10 gm garlic and bar soap (non detergent). grind garlic and mix all together in 1 liter water. you can filter this and spray on leaves, apply both sides.


Leaf curl decease in vegetables can be easily control, keep checking plant leafs. especially check the lower side of leafs, if you find these type attacks use any organic pesticides. we will write more on organic pesticides and it’s usage. keep visiting organicadvices.com for more updates about organic farming, you can follow us on facebook, google plus, twitter etc.

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  2. Leaf curl decease -> Leaf curl disease

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