Pukayila Kashayam – How to Make and Use in Terrace Garden

Pukayila Kashayam Making Tips – Easy Organic Pesticide

Pukayila Kashayam
Easy Pesticide Making Guide

Pukayila Kashayam is a Organic Pesticide Made with Pukayila. you can learn from here to Make it and how to use it in your organic home terrace kitchen garden. Its a commonly using organic pesticide globally. it can be made easily and we can made it cheaply.

  • it’s better to avoid any type of pesticides from our garden, you can observe leaves everyday and takeout the attackers. use this pesticides in the case attack not under control, better to avoid harvest for 10-14days after application


1, Row Pukayila – Finely Chopped – 500 grams
2, Laundry Soap – 120 Grams (Non Detergent Soap)
3, Water – 4 1/2 litter

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  • fish amino acid an effective growth promoter for vegetable and flowering plants, you can check the preparation method from here


Put finely chopped row pukayila on 4 1/2 litter warm water. keep this for 1 day and filter the solution. take the bar soap and chop it finely and dissolve in some warm water. then mix the pukayila extract and soap water. Pukayila Pesticide is now ready to use. Dilute this mixture with 7 times of water. Here the duty of soap is to stick the mixture in plant. its better to spray this on morning. With the help of this type eco friendly pesticides you can save money. please try to apply the solution within 1-2 days, it’s better to make in low volume.

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The Malayalam Version of This low cost pest control is Available here. we will update more on organic pesticides here , subscribe to us for more updates.

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  1. Dear Anish,

    i am regular reader of your site krishipadam.com , you are posting all the info in simple language, all the best to this English version.

  2. I,m glad to find the English version and thanks for all the tips.

  3. Pukayila Kashayam is very effective.

  4. thank you for the tip but for what is this used what pests does it control

  5. Pls tell us the name of the barsoap used for making pukayila kashayam …

  6. Which bar soap is used to make pukayila kashayam.pls tell me the name of the barsoap

    1. Any non detergent brads like Sunlight

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