Ground Nut Cake Using as Organic Fertilizer – An Effective Plant Growing Promoter


Advantages, Usage and Alternatives of Ground Nut Cake in Terrace Garden

Nutrient Content (%) of Peanut Cake
N P2O5 K2O
7.3 1.5 1.3
Ground Nut Cake Fertilizer
peanut cake fertilizer for terrace garden

Ground nut cake can be used as a organic fertilizer in our home kitchen garden/terrace farming. Its easily available in grocery shops and its priced around 35-45 R.S per kg. Don’t apply it directly to soil because ants like the same, they will take it. To avoid this you can use a simple method. Take a hand of peanut cake and put it in 1 liter water, keep the same for 2-3 days. After 2-3 days you can take that and mix with 1-2 times of water and apply to veggies. You can use this once in a week, this is a very good for the health of veggies.



The above table shows the Nutrient Content of this organic fertilizer. In another post we have posted about the list of organic fertilizers can be used in terrace farming. Peanut cake is a very effective way to grow your veggies organically. if you are not getting this locally use raw peanuts, soak it overnight and grind it , then add 1 spoon jaggery and keep for 24 hours. This can be dilute with 5-10 times of water also give better discussed about many tips for getting better yield from your kitchen garden, we have many zero cost options like onion peel, banana peel, egg shells etc.

Cow urine usage in vegetable garden
It can be used as fertilizer, foliar spray or direct to soil

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