Growing Tomatoes in Containers/Home Terrace Garden Using Zero Pesticides

Tips and tricks for getting yield from Home Growing Tomatoes without using any pesticides

Simple tips for planting thakkali
Simple tips for planting thakkali

Tomato is a very commonly using vegetable, India is the second largest country cultivating it. We can very easily cultivate tomatoes without using any chemical pesticides in your home kitchen garden and terrace garden. Seeds are using in tomato farming (click to buy seeds online) , its very easily available. Its better to select the varieties that can prevent the bacterial decease. Shakthi , Mukthi, Anagha, Vellayani Vijay, Manu Lakshmi are the examples of the varieties that can prevent the bacterial wilt. Its better to dip the seeds at least 1 hour in plane water or Pseudomonas solution (2%).

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Keep in mind

1, Treat soil with agriculture lime or dolomite to reduce acidity and maintain good ph level, soil acidity will leads to bacterial wilt. Keep the soil at least 2 weeks after lime/dolomite and do not mix any organic fertilizers this time. while preparing potting mix you can add organic manure, we can avoid wilt while growing tomatoes

2, Select a better variety – Shakthi , Mukthi, Anagha, Vellayani Vijay, Manu Lakshmi etc are some of the good Tomato variety.

3, Flower dropping can be prevent by applying micro food, 5ml/gram in 1 liter of water every month will help. you can also use natural methods like egg amino acid etc.

Growing thakkali

You can use organic fertilizers to grow the tomato plants healthy. we have already discussed about the fish amino acid and ground nut cake etc here. Its better to apply the Pseudomonas (2%) in every 7-10 days gap. You can grow tomato in grow bags, plastic bags etc. Its better to avoid chemical fertilizers in tomato cultivation. we have written about thakkali krishi reethi in malayalam here and also posted about how to prevent tomato bacterial wilt. Its better to provide stay for tomato plants, while its growing you should provide stay for them.

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