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Amaranth Growing In 4 Weeks

Amaranth Growing In 4 Weeks – Sowing Seeds, Caring Plants, Fertilizers, Pesticides

Complete Video About Amaranth Growing Within Short Period

Amaranth Growing In 4 Weeks
Cheera Growing

Here is our full video about growing Amaranth within short time, this output is getting after 24 days. Red and green color Amaranth mixing is very effective to prevent against mosaic decease. we can start with collecting seeds, i am following my own style while growing vegetables in terrace garden. i have collected the seeds from one of my mother plant. usually these seeds spreading over other bags automatically via wind and other medium.

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we have 2 big boxes for the demo, it’s filled with potting mixture. soil+other organic fertilizers can be used, cocopeat based manures available. cocofert and ci-pom, both are low cost and easily available in local shops. cocofert is from coir board, you can check the detailed video from here. , soil+cocofert mixture is enough for Amaranth growing, or you can add rotten cow dung in fine powder form, or use any available materials like goat manure, vermi compost, home compost unit output etc.

Seeds and Sowing

it’s the time for sowing the seeds, take prevention against ants, they will eat the seeds. here the box is placed on our detachable vegetable stand, please check this video for more details. after sowing the seeds use a sprayer for watering, this will ensure enough water to the seeds and we can prevent excess amount to the box. watering is must, keep checking the boxes morning and evening, within 3-4 days seeds will start germination in Amaranth growing.

Fish Amino Acid Fertilizer Usage
Low Cost Fertilizers


during this period we are not adding any fertilizers to the plants, watering is the only care. please check weeds and remove them carefully, after 2 weeks we can start applying fertilizers. usually amaranth like liquid manure, fish amino acid decided to spray over the plants. 2-3 ml in 1 liter water is enough, please check here for the detailed explanation about making faa.

groundnut cake, fresh cow dung, cow urine etc are other fertilizers ideal for amaranth. 10 days interval is mandatory between applying any manures to the plants, excess amount of water also may damage the roots. in my experience it will become ready with 20-25 days, if you have any doubts, please drop a comment here.

Cheera Krishi
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