Organic Farming at Home and Its Benefits – Terrace Gardening Ideas

Advantages of Organic Farming at Home

Terrace Gardening Advantages
Rooftop Gardening

What are the Benefits Organic Farming at Home Terrace and How can you build it. In organic farming we are not using any harmful chemical presidents or fertilizers. people around the world now thinking about organic foods and items. organic products have now high demand in the market. Organic vegetables and fruits are high in price.

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If you are thinking about Organic Farming at Home you can save money and eat safe veggies. What are the requirement for vegetable farming at home rooftop?. You need land for doing the same, if you are living in an apartment or flat there is no chance for the same. but you can use your home terrace or balcony place to cultivate some vegetables in organic methods.

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Terrace Gardening Ideas

If you are decided to start a organic farm at your home means you are thinking about your family health and saving earth from harmful chemicals. Moreover you will get 100% safe organic veggies and that will protect your family from harmful deceases. You can check the below questions section for your doubts in Organic Farming at Home. Please be remember that this article will not cover all the parts of organic farming. please follow us and subscribe to us for all the coming posts.

Question – Terrace farming to bring harm to concrete ?

Answer – You can utilize your home terrace to build a beautiful vegetable garden. Is it spoil my terrace structure ?, no if you are only using organic fertilizers and chemicals it will not spoil your terrace. Contents in chemical fertilizers and chemicals may harm to the terrace, if you not using these it will not affect. Please check second question for details to use bricks usage in home terrace.

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Question – How can i plant vegetables in my home terrace ?.

Answer – You can use plastic covers, grow bags, plant pots etc for the same. you can fill the potting mix (we will soon post about more about potting mix, if you check the old posts will get some info about it, check the old posts for more details) in these and plant vegetables. you can put 2-3 bricks and place the grow bag over it. advantage of using bricks is, excess water from grow bags will absorb by bricks. this method is safe to protect your terrace.

Question – In my area there is chance to get soil, any other solutions ?

You can use peat, dried leaves, vermi compost etc to make the potting mix. You can also mix soil with these to make the potting mix and fill the grow bags.

From Where i can get seeds for my organic home kitchen

You can check with the agricultural shops, online seed selling stores etc. Now lot of online shopping websites offering selling vegetable seeds.

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  1. veggies cultivated using organic will have more anti oxidants, this will help preventing deadly deceases.

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