Cabbage Cultivation In Kerala Using Organic Fertilizers and Pesticides

Seasonal Crops at Rooftop Garden – Cabbage Cultivation

Cabbage Growing at Rooftop
Cabbage Growing at Rooftop

cabbage cultivation is very easy with organic fertilizers and pesticides. cabbage is a cool-weather crop and we can cultivate the same in kerala october-december month. we can start the preparations for cultivating tasty cabbages using organic farming methods. please be remember that this topic is for kerala farmers and who doing terrace farming.

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we can make small cabbage plants using it’s seeds, but it’s not easy to prepare the seedlings. we can purchase seedlings of cabbage for cultivation. we have already mentioned that it’s a seasonal crop, cool-weather is must for better results. in kerala october – december month is suitable for cultivating seasonal crops.


seedlings of cabbages can be purchase from different sources. those available through vfpck (vegetable and fruit promotion council keralam) outlets, kvk (krishi vinjana kerndram) and selected agricultural offices (krishibhavan’s). you can follow facebook profiles of krishibhavan accounts and get notifications for the availability of cabbage seedlings.

it’s priced 2 r.s to 5 r.s depends on availability. last year vfpck charged r.s 3.5 per cabbage seedlings. once you purchased the seedlings of cabbage can prepare the grow bags or soil for cultivation. in my experience grow bags are better , because less attacks by insects.

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prepare grow bags

we have explained the same here. you can learn about grow bags, filling potting mix in grow bags etc in our old posts. please refer those posts for more details. you can apply organic pesticides and fertilizers for the growth. list of organic fertilizers, prepare organic pesticides can check from old posts. you can also browse for the malayalam text about cabbage cultivation.

Tips – you can spray ice water early morning on seasonal crops for better results.

references – list of all vfpck offices – from – link is
cabbage cultivation in malayalam – link is

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