Cheera Krishi In Grow Bag Using Organic Fertilizers and Pesticides


Cheera Krishi In Grow Bag Using Organic Methods at Your Terrace Garden

Cheera Krishi Using Grow Bags
Cheera Krishi Using Grow Bags

we have already discussed the growing of spinach aka cheera here. its very easy to care and cultivate cheera at your home terrace garden. we have posted the cheera krishi methods an you can follow the tips to prepare the seedlings. please refer the post ” cheera krishi “, we are not repeating the methods here. first is prepare the cheera seedlings, once it ready go for the next steps. normally seedlings are ready within 2 weeks.

growing cheera

Amaranth growing in 4 weeks
Amaranth growing in 4 weeks


we have posted about grow bag here, please refer that post for preparing grow bag. you can plant cheera alone in grow bag, if only taking it for cheera can plant 4-8 numbers in one unit. normally cheera is ready in 2 months, so you can also plant cheera in your existing grow bag units. you can plant 2-4 cheera in sides of your existing grow bags. in this method it will not takes any extra space and you can cultivate cheera without any extra care. you can refer the following image for the same. it will give you the clear picture.

In this picture you can see that 2 cheera planted in the grow bag in 2 sides. but the main item is coli flower. cheera’s will grow in 4-6 weeks and we can cut it, it will not affect the growth of coli flower. we can utilize the space and cultivate more organic veggies.

Fertilizers for cheera

its better to use only organic fertilizers and pesticides in cheera. don’t apply any harmful chemical chemical pesticides in cheera. fresh cow dung is the best fertilizer for cheera and it will ensure the grow of spinach. you can take 1 kg of cow dung and mix with 5-6 litter of water and apply to cheera. cow urine also can be used in cheera krishi to prevent attacks against cheera. you should dilute it with 10 times water before applying to cheera.

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    Cheera is not spinach. Spinach is different. Cheera’s English name is Amaranth.

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