Construction Of A Low Cost Home Composting – Waste Management System

Low Cost Home Composting Unit

Low Cost Home Composting Unit
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We are discussing about a Home composting unit with minimal cost. To use the kitchen and other waste. Vegetable Waste, for use as a food waste. Paper, plastic, onion skin, lemon is impossible to avoid disturbance. Take two pots or plastic containers/bucket. click here to purchase (Trust Basket Trustbin (Set Of Two 14 Ltrs Bins)-Indoor Compost Bin For Converting All Kinds Of Kitchen Food Waste Into Fertilizer) make sure that it can accommodate about 20 liters of waste. we can use empty paint buckets for this purpose, i mean plastic buckets. Put 4-6 small holes in the bottom of the buckets. This holes are helping to drain the water from the waste. Up to 15 cm tall, both separately and then put the iron stand. They used brick instead might help.

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Once the plastic buckets are we can put our home waste in this low cost home composting unit. Already told that please avoid plastic and food contains chilly, lemon etc. The first vessel to be maintained until the filling of the deposit of waste. Its better to cover the top of the buckets to avoid bad smell from it. You can put some fresh cow dung or a cup of curd in a week. This will help to avoid bad smell and small worms from the units. Once a vessel filled Keep it for 2 months and use the another bucket to fill waste.We have posted about this in malayalam language in, you can read the same from here.


Once the waste turned as fertilizer you can use it in your home kitchen. we have already posted here about the advantage of organic fertilizers over chemical. you can also find the list of some organic fertilizers from here. Its better to avoid chemical and use organic fertilizers. In future there will be huge demand for organic items. keep visiting for more tips and subscribe to use for all the latest updates.

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