organic fertilizers used in terrace farming

list of all organic fertilizers used in terrace farming

organic fertilizers list

organic fertilizers list

we have already discussed that organic fertilizers are good for home kitchen garden. we have also listed the advantage of organic against chemical fertilizers. Ash, Blood meal,Fish meal, Fish emulsion, Compost, Rock phosphate, Bone meal, Manure, Wood chips/sawdust, Raw Langbeinite, Cover crops, Unprocessed natural potassium sulfate, Rock powder are the examples of organic fertilizer.

ground nut cake, neem cake, cow dung (fresh and dried) , goat dung , vermicompost , slurry from biogas plants etc can be used in terrace farming. we have already posted about how to make fish amino acid here. its a very effective and simple organic liquid fertilizer. if we use only natural fertilizer in our veggies we can harvest veggies with more taste and it will increase the life of the plant.

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