Pukayila Kashayam – How to Make and Use in Terrace Garden

Pukayila Kashayam Aka Tobacco Barsoap Organic Pesticide

Pukayila Kashayam is a Organic Pesticide Made with Tobacco. you can learn from here to Make it and how to use it in your organic home terrace kitchen garden. Its a commonly using organic pesticide globally. it can be made easily and we can made it cheaply.

Ingredients for Tobacco, Soap Solution

1, Row Tobacco – Finely Chopped – 500 grams
2, Laundry Soap – 120 Grams (Non Detergent Soap)
3, Water – 4 1/2 litter

Pukayila Kashayam Making Instructions

Pukayila Kashayam Making Instructions

Put finely chopped row tobacco on 4 1/2 litter warm water. keep this for 1 day and filter the solution. take the bar soap and chop it finely and dissolve in some warm water. then mix the tobacco extract and soap water. Tobacco Pesticide is now ready to use. Dilute this mixture with 7 times of water. Here the duty of soap is to stick the mixture in plant. its better to spray this on morning. With the help of this type eco friendly pesticides you can save money.

The Malayalam Version of Pukayila Kashayam is Available here.

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