kanthari mulaku cultivation

kanthari mulaku health benefits other details

kanthari mulaku cultivation
kanthari mulaku cultivation

kanthari mulaku aka Bird’s eye chillies growing using organic methods. you can check the health benefits and growing methods of kanthari from here. march is the best time to cutivate kanathari, you can start the preparation this time. seeds are using to cultivate kanthari and it can be collected from mother plant. pick healthy and red colored Bird’s eye chillies from the plant and collect the seeds. you can check our old posts for more details about seeding. you can plant kanthari in grow bags, plastic buckets etc in home terrace. we have posted more about grow bags, grow bag potting mixture, buy grow bags online etc in this blog.


you plant the kanthari seeds in grow bags, seeding tray etc. once the kanthari plants started growing you can wait for 2-3 weeks, pick healthy plants and grow them separately.natural method of growing kanthari is, small birds eating red colored kanathari and discharging the seeds. these kanthari seeds planting naturally, you can check your surroundings in rainy season and find small kanthari plants. now a day’s kanthari mulaku have high value in market, lot of people using this as cholesterol reducing material.


curling of leaf is one of the main disease in kanthaari mulaku plants. cow urine and neem oil can be used to solve this issue, please be remember that this should be dilute with water. rice water can be also used to prevent curling of leaf attack in plants. rice water means after boiling the rice, please use only cold rice water for this purpose.

its better to avoid harmful and chemical pesticides, we can fix the issues organically. you can also use other organic pesticides and fertilizers to grow Bird’s eye chillies. please browse or old search for more details. you can follow us on facebook, twitter, google plus etc. malayalam version of this post can be read from krishipadam.com