groundnut cake as organic fertilizer – availability and usage for better results


best practices while using groundnut cake as organic fertilizer

Today we are talking about the advantages and usages of groundnut cake as organic fertilizer . it’s one of the essential part while growing vegetables at home terrace garden. Its easily available in grocery shops, super markets and other shops that sells vegetable seeds, fertilizers etc. its priced around 50-60 R.S per kg, some people now selling the same in powder form, which costs 70 r.s. it’s better to purchase peanut nut cake in solid form, now we can check the applications.

Keep in Mind

  • Keep it an airtight jar, better to purchase in small quantity
  • it’s better to purchase in cake form, you can later make into powder form using mixer grinder.
  • apply in 10-14 day interval for better results, can use it on any vegetable plants
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You can directly add the same into soil, if enough precautions taken against ants. we should care about this, ants like it they will take it. Take a hand of peanut cake and put it in 1 liter water, keep the same for 2-3 days. After 2-3 days you can take that and mix with 1-2 times of water and apply to veggies. You can use this once in 10-14 days, this is very good for getting better output from our vegetable plants.

groundnut cake as organic fertilizer

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