Organic Pesticides

How to Make Organic Pesticides and Use it on your Organic Home Terrace Garden

Neem Oil Pesticide – Organic Pesticides Making Methods

How Can We Make Neem Oil Pesticide To Control Pests neem oil pesticide can be used to control pests and…

5 months ago

Leaf Curl Decease In Vegetables – How Can We Control It Using Organic Methods

Organic Methods To Control Leaf Curl Decease In Vegetables Leaf curl decease is very common in vegetables like chilies, tomato,…

5 months ago

Pukayila Kashayam – How to Make and Use in Terrace Garden

Pukayila Kashayam Aka Tobacco Barsoap Organic Pesticide Pukayila Kashayam is a Organic Pesticide Made with Tobacco. you can learn from…

5 months ago

Natural Pesticide Using Rice Water, Neem Cake And Garlic For Terrace Garden

Low Cost Natural Pesticide Using Rice Water And Other Components today we are low cost effective natural pesticide using household…

1 year ago
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