Curry Leaves Plant Growing Using Fermented Rice Water and Ground Nut Cake


Tips for growing curry leaves plant at home vegetable garden

Kariveppu Growing Easy Tips

fermented rice water , ground nut cake , garlic , neem cake, brick powder are only need for growing curry leaves plant at home vegetable garden in natural way. we should remember few things while growing curry leaves, this post is discussing about the same. this leaves are largely used in curries for getting an aroma, it’s known as Kariveppilai, Karuveppilai , Kari patah, Kariapat , Karibevu, Karibevu soppu , Mitho limado ,K aripatta, Mitha nim, Mitha neem patta etc. This leaves also have medicinal values and we can grow the plant very easily at our garden.


peanut cake fertilizer for terrace garden


Do not take seedlings from mother plant roots, you can see thousands of small plants nearby tree. those are grown from the sub branches, these seedling do not have the main root. these plants will grow upto 1 meter only, we should collect the seedlings from it’s seed. you can collect the seeds from plants and grow them in paper cups or any other medium. some nurseries selling curry leaf seedlings, it cost 20-30 r.s per seedlings. it’s better to purchase 2 seedling, in my case this given more result.

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Fertilizer and Pesticides

As mentioned in the title, fermented rice water is the ideal material for getting healthy plants. we can use rice water as fertilizer and Pesticides. every week you can ass 1 liter of fermented rice water to the plants. we can add 250 grams of ground nut cake into rice water for better results. this can be apply monthly to the plants, it will grow naturally. crushed garlic fermented rice water is a better solution to control pest attack on the plants.

20 grams of garlic + 1 rice water every month will keep away all attacks from the plants. red brick in powdered form is another simple method, apply this 50-100 grams per plant. this should be apply in 1-2 feet from plant.


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